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PBS Volunteer News 12, 2017

This is Lenz from Spawn rockin' out at Heavy and Hammered III
You may know her as the presenter of Into The Void as heard on PBS 106.7FM every second Saturday 2am-6am. She's been doing it since 2015 and winds it up this Saturday.  Thanks to Lenz for your tireless efforts for PBS and the music community and don't forget to tune in. And thanksto an amazing team of volunteers, who’ve kept PBS going 24/7 on air, helped behind the scenes, and represented PBS at the many community events!  There are still more opportunities to be a part of the team in 2017 + beyond.

Who’s keen?
Who wants to volunteer at PBS?

See below to see if there’s a volunteer opportunity that suits you, your skills and your availability:

Rock A Bye BabyWITH THE BURNT SAUSAGES The Burnt Sausages are a sizzlin’ BBQ punk band, with bangers with bang have been charred, scarred and tormented with tongs. Prepare to be dunked in tomato sauce, coleslaw and smokin’ hits like ‘Get Out of My Grill’, ‘Too Many Onions’ and…

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