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PBS Volunteer News 6, 2018

Almost there! Whilst the on-air campaign finished up, the administrative part of radio festival was relentless. Fortunately, a brilliant group of volunteers helped out every Wednesday in June packing kits, answering phones, folding T-shirts and more. Thank you Alan, Amy, Ana, Jerome, Andrew, Ashley,  Bill, Brit, Bronte, Catherine, Con, Denise, Ellie, Isabella, Jake, Jill, Joel, Jonathan, Kate, Katherine, Katrina, Leigh, Meg, Miss Goldie, Norm, Paul, Pete, Quinn, Rafal, Rasha, Rica, Rod, Rosa and Savannah and thanks to all volunteers who help PBS week in and week out.
This Wednesday, winners are announced and on Thursday we party. Every PBS volunteer part of Radio Festival should have got an invite. If you didn’t, please send a message volunteer coordinator Mara to rectify the situation immediately! Hope to catch you at the Radio Festival wrap party.  And if you've been meaning to volunteer at PBS, here’s the list of the upcoming volunteer vacancies...

T-Shirt Folding Shift   - DONE We…

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