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PBS Volunteer News 3, 2018

Whilst cataloguing programming guides, Alan Fitzpatrick rediscovered that 24 hour broadcast at PBS first occurred Saturday, June 13, 1981 on weekends only until..... We don't quite know yet, but we will find out!  64 program guides have been catalogued thanks to brilliant volunteers helping on the archive project. Thanks to Alan, Sam, Kath, Angela, Evan, Patrick andJordan.  And a round of applause and happy birthday to Bronte who's been cataloguing the challenging and mysterious 'miscellaneous box'. February to early March 2018 was a busy time for us with Drive Live, Rock A Bye Baby, International Women's Day and preparing for the year ahead. Thanks to all the fantastic volunteers who helped out in the office, at our events on and offsite and on-air! A warm welcome to our new volunteers Kara, Isabella, John, Mahala, Katie, Salty, Dash, Bella, Bridget (as an announcer on Synthesize Me),  and Sista Zai and Milo (the new breakfast team). And a big thanks and warm fare…

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