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PBS Volunteer News 10, 2017

Howdy folks!  It's September! It's Spring and the year at PBS has zoomed thanks to all the amazing volunteers who've helped us do what we do, and make us what we are.

Here's an important update from PBS HQ📡📡 
PBS proudly supports marriage equality. We would like to recognise and thank our LGBTIQ+ listeners and our community members who perform, produce, program, publicise and contribute to community radio and Melbourne’s vibrant and diverse music communities. Our love and support goes out to our LGBTIQ+ families and communities at this time. 

There's been many expressions of interest to volunteer at PBS and I think I know why..... It's great to help out, give back, meet new people, feel connected with your community, gain experience and effectively share time and skills at this Melbourne institution. PBS stands for Progressive Broadcasting Services and is a radio station 📻📻with an aim to nurture, inspire and champion Melbourne's diverse music community.

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