PBS Volunteer News- 7 - 2015

Celia, Monika, Bradley and Kristine helping out with a massive mail out
CRIKEY! JEEPERS! Can you believe that over 10,000 mail items (renewals, memberships & donations) were sent by PBS volunteers to PBS listeners during radio festival season?
PBS volunteers did an amazing job taking the calls, entering the memberships and getting the mail out! Thank you to all those who helped out. The results were the best in PBS history and we have not only the community of listeners, but those who crossed to the other side to volunteer....  
Thank you Thank you Thank you

We've had many people express their interest in volunteering at PBS and we've ALMOST filled all of our July and August positions to date, but vacancies are listed below. As you can probably guess - things always change here! So if you're interested in volunteering and haven't completed and returned a volunteer application form, just email mara@pbsfm.org.au for the form. 

Chris Pearson, PBS Volunteer

So I was asked to research the PBS records and find out how many volunteers have contributed to PBS in 2014-2015 financial year.  I checked over the lists and this is what I found:

How Many Different People Volunteered at PBS in 2014-2015?

Of the 424 volunteers I found that many volunteers had more than one volunteer role over that period. 

# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 1 role
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 2 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 3 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 4 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 5 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 6 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 7 roles

# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 8 roles
# PBS Volunteers who volunteered with 9 roles

You might be interested to know that volunteers assisted in administration, accounts, board/management, broadcasting (regular and fill ins), events such as Drive Live, Rock Bye Baby, Open day, helping out on the merch desk, helping set up and pack down events. They took photos. They managed the PBS website, assisted with memberships helped out in the music library, worked on committees like the Programming Planning Group, the annual radio fundraiser, handled the phones and greeted the guests on reception, took part in work experience and last but not least helped out with building maintenance. The combined efforts of the volunteer contributions is what makes PBS what it is, and a timely reminder to say congratulations to the amazing efforts of passionate, dedicated and excellent people.

We've got so many great volunteers involved at PBS, most of our opportunities are occupied but we've vacancies below: 
The last Rock A Bye Baby was a busy one thanks to the cross cultural appeal of Melbourne group Mariachi Los Romanticos

Helping at the PBS RABB gigs mostly involves assisting parents, taking photos, talking to people about PBS, pusher traffic management, working the door and sticking up a few posters at the venue to advertise the event. Email mara@pbsfm.org.au if you'd like to help.  

WHAT                                  GOOD SAMARITANS DOOR  & ACCESS
DAY/DATE/TIME                         THURSDAY AUGUST 6        10:30AM-12:15PM 
LOCATION                              FITZROY TOWN HALL

RADIO ANNOUNCER TRAINING COURSE * Now recruiting for August class!
The PBS announcer course is the first step for those seeking to become PBS announcers.  The next class commences Wednesday August 5 and we’ve still got vacancies. If it’s your dream to have a go on radio (where under-represented music reigns), stop dreaming and start doing! New dates and new rates to suit you. More information can be found at http://pbsfm.org.au/become-an-announcer. Application forms can be obtained from mara@pbsfm.org.au

WHAT                                   PBS ANNOUNCER COURSE 
DAY & DATE                             WEDNESDAYS IN AUGUST
TIME                                   6:30PM-8:30PM
LOCATION                               PBS STUDIOS

Shahn, Catherine and Charlie

Richard (who was on a holiday from Germany - volunteering at PBS) and Lexi 

Marni, Kristine, Ashleigh and Con help out on the last day of the mailout

Fine Print Policies and Procedures

It is important for all volunteers and staff to be familiar with this. See the policies and procedures here and http://pbs.org.au/policy. The Policies and Procedures Handbook ensures that PBS remains in safe compliance with the Codes of Practice and other relevant legislation. It also positions PBS volunteers, announcers and staff to operate with a shared, clear understanding of how things work at PBS. Please read it carefully. And if you’re inspired, why not consider becoming a PBS shareholder?


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