PBS Volunteer Roles in 2016

Thanks to all the great regular & fill in announcers who’ve kept PBS running over the holiday period. Now we’re back and the first really exciting station event is Drive Live. Brilliant volunteers have the roles covered, but in case last minute vacancies arise, let me know if you’d like to volunteer and take your details get in touch should opportunities open up hr@pbsfm.org.au

Here’s some other roles we’ve got coming up:

Membership Mail out 2pm-5pm on Friday 4 March
Volunteer in a team and help pack memberships and renewals. For more details, email hr@pbsfm.org.au

and here's a paid role...

Job Vacancy at PBS
We are seeking a full time Marketing and Events Coordinator to work alongside the Marketing and Events Manager to manage the PBS website, social media, events, promotion and publicity. Applications close Friday the 22nd of January 2016.  
For more information, head to http://pbsfm.org.au/node/51437 

Interested in volunteering at PBS in 2016?
Here’s a snapshot of opportunities coming up over the course of the year...

Hello Rock A Bye Baby
Helping Out at Monthly Events
Rock A Bye Baby
Jamaica Jump Up
Soul A Go Go
Mallard Movies
and more....

Inside the Music Library with PBS announcer Michael Mulholland by Kim Lajoie
Music Library
Occasional working bees
and more...

A look inside PBS Radio at the Open Day by Kim Lajoie

Annual Events
For 2 weeks in May, PBS holds the annual fundraiser: Radio Festival, and we need help from 6am-midnight!
Open Day
Community Cup
Other special one off events/fundraisers
and more to be announced...

Errol Tyson made this video for Crispi's last Breakfast Spread

Various artworks throughout the year
Poster artists
and more...
Norm volunteered to install a much needed new sink

Occasionally we need to fix things at PBS, but we don’t necessarily have the skills in-house. Would you like to volunteer in this capacity at PBS
and more...
Maddy Mac started out at PBS doing the announcer course

If it’s your dream to become a PBS announcer, step 1 is to do the announcer course. Here’s the list of dates we’re running it this year. Check

So if you'd like to be involved at PBS in 2016 email  hr@pbsfm.org.au

Fine Print Policies and Procedures
It is important for all volunteers and staff to be familiar with this. See the policies and procedures here and http://pbs.org.au/policy. The Policies and Procedures Handbook ensures that PBS remains in safe compliance with the Codes of Practice and other relevant legislation. It also positions PBS volunteers, announcers and staff to operate with a shared, clear understanding of how things work at PBS. Please read it carefully. And if you’re inspired, why not consider becoming a PBS shareholder? 


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