Who are the staff at PBS and what do they do?

 The staff at PBS are employed to help run the station on a day to day basis, support PBS volunteers and help others navigate around the station. Now that you know that let's have a look at who each of them are and what they do...

General Manager
General Manager: Adrian Basso
In the office: Monday to Friday 
Overall operations; including broadcasting license, staff , management, council issues, philanthropy, station policy, broadcast complaints. 
PBS Fire Warden
Programming and Music
Program Manager: Owen McKern
In the office:Monday to Friday
Handles all aspects of programming, announcer announcer training, receives new program applications 
Email: programs@pbsfm.org.au

 Music and Interviews Coordinator: Cameron Durnsford
In the office: Monday to Friday
Interview coordination, music allocation, music source, music library, Studio 5 live bookings, Drive Live booker
Email: cam@pbsfm.org.au

Interviews Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton 
In the office: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Organises interviews, and music department administration
In the office: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Interviews in the music library

Communications: Marketing, Events and Membership

Marketing and Events Manager: Con Kalamaras
In the office: Monday to Friday
Marketing and events; PBS website
PBS First Aid Officer
Email: con@pbsfm.org.au

 Marketing and Events Coordinator: Josie Smart (commencing 29/2/16)
In the office: Monday to Friday
Marketing and events and PBS website administration, social media
Email: josie@pbsfm.org.au

Membership Coordinator: Sam Johnstone
Monday to Friday
Membership management and administration & sponsor discounts, member nights
Email: samj@pbsfm.org.au 


Production Manager: Paul Maybury
In the office: Tuesday to Friday
Cart production, studio 5, outside broadcast, cross promos
Email: production@pbsfm.org.au

Production Assistant: Alicia Saye
In the office: Monday to Wednesday
Cart production, studio technical issues, outside broadcast, studio 5, cross promotions 
Email: alicia@pbsfm.org.au 

Production Assistant: Yuri Pavlinov
In the office: Thursday and Friday
Cart production

Sponsorship Manager: Sarah Blaby
In the office: Monday to Friday
S&P team manager, client liaison, copyrighting, scheduling, PBS presents, ticket requests   
PBS Deputy Fire Warden

Sponsorship and Promo Coordinator: Sarah Pratt
In the office:Monday to Friday
Band and client liaison, copyrighting, scheduling
Email: spratt@pbsfm.org.au

Sponsorship and Promo Coordinator: Shelley McNicholl
In the office: Monday to Friday
Client liaison, copyrighting, scheduling
Email: shelley@pbsfm.org.au

PBS Accounts: Romney Shuttleworth
In the office: Monday to Friday
Accounts payable & receivable & payroll & everything else related accounts related!
Email: accounts@pbsfm.org.au

Station Technician
Station Engineer: Bill Runting
In the office:On Call 
OB expertise, technical studio maintenance since PBS started!

IT guy: Damien Wiseman
In the office:On Call 
IT Support, hardware, software, network support, server maintenance (10 hours per week)

Volunteers Coordinator and Office Admin
Volunteer Coordinator: Mara Williams
In the office: Monday to Friday
Volunteer coordination, administration, work experience, announcer course enquiries
Email: mara@pbsfm.org.au

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